• The Joxer Boys

    The Joxer Boys

    Joxer Briefs are a brilliant new product giving men the best of both worlds - the freedom of a Boxer with the support of a Brief

    Not only is it styled to fit YOUR penis size, wearing JOXERS are important for testosterone and sperm production!

    Joxers are made from cool, durable, hypo-allergenic Hemp fabric that is renowned for "wearing in" NOT "wearing out"!

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Quality underwear designed BY men FOR men. The basic concept is around SPACE!

  • Space for your flaccid penis size. Various pouch sizes provides you with the optimum choice to fit your anatomy. You will get ultimate freedom. It is almost like wearing nothing at all.
  • Space for your testes. This is extremely important as your scrotum needs to regulate it’s own temperature to ensure optimum sperm production (click here for a detailed discussion on the importance of underwear in sperm production). The same applies for testosterone production (click here for further information on this subject of low Testosterone levels).

Product Range

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