. . . YOUR penis & scrotum

  • Testosterone & Sperm production

    Joxer briefs give your scrotum space to regulate its own temperature, i.e. to get your testicles away from your body heat, something that is essential for optimum sperm (and testosterone) production. Something that is not possible with ordinary briefs.
  • Cool Freedom? Sounds good!

    You get the freedom of a boxer short but without the sweating and stickiness between your legs when your penis and scrotum touches your legs – especially on a hot summer’s day. This design is especially beneficial for those guys who embark on some hedge trimming or deforestation down there!
  • Let's talk Sexy!

    Although Joxer briefs gives you exactly what boxers promise as far as freedom is concerned, Joxer briefs have a lot more sex appeal. It is also more applicable to wear under tighter fitting pants.
  • Cool 2 Cooler!

    Wearing a Joxer brief is not as hot as wearing a boxer. This is due to less material required as well as the properties of Hemp from which it is manufactured. Wearing Boxers feels like wearing 2 pairs of pants!
  • Au Natural? Try this for size!

    A bit of gravity never did anybody any harm and the design ensures that your penis is allowed to be in it’s natural state and size. Not all scrunched-up like when wearing “normal” underwear. It has also been reported by test subjects that their penis gain up to 2 cm during the day – this is not necessarily a permanent increase in size but who knows what gravity can eventually do (not that length is all that important but hell . . . )?
  • Position, position, position!

    Your flaccid penis is preserved in the position it was intended – hanging straight down. Gone are the days of “dressing left or right” which might lead to erections pointing in either direction!
  • Comfort? . . . Fo'Sho!

    The freedom of movement feels like it was intended, i.e. like wearing nothing at all!