Wash_Care for Web
  • Hemp articles of all kinds can take any amount of washing and keep coming up for more. They thrive on regular use and regular laundering.
  • Considered “bulletproof” by many experts hemp is an amazingly strong, long-lasting fabric that launders easily.
  • It handles extreme water temperatures well (although a temperature of 50oC is generally sufficient), and can be considered as a machine washable linen.
  • Commercial soap powders and liquid detergents can be safely used and water temperature is not critical.
  • Because of the highly porous nature of the hemp fibre (i.e., magnified under a microscope it’s filled with lots of holes) hemp dries extremely quickly naturally (in the open air) or is easily tumble-dried.
  • As with other textiles, always test for colour fastness and remember that detergents containing Optical Brightening Agents (OBA) may cause colours to alter slightly and will detract from the appearance of the subtle natural hemp. Bleach should not be used as it can significantly degrade and weaken the natural fibres.
  • If stained, use a proprietary stain-remover before washing.
  • Hemp generally will get softer with use and after each wash. If you need to speed up this process then a commercial softener may be used. Another way to soften hemp is to do a hot water wash followed by a tumble dry, repeat these two steps two or three times.
  • After conventional machine washing use a fast spin, then hot iron while the hemp is still damp. This makes for ease of ironing and will maintain appearance. Use a hot iron. Hemp easily handles extreme temperatures.
  • Stretch the damp article to its natural size and shape before ironing. A hot iron will ensure that creases and crumples disappear instantly. Every piece will come up so crisp and new that it is impossible to tell whether starch has been used. Iron the ‘wrong’ (underside) first. For coloured dress hemps, only iron the wrong side. This preserves the texture of the weave.